DiY: Fortune Cookies


4 eggwhite, vanilla extract, 200g sugar, 150g flour, 2 small spoons with water

Steps to follow:

1) write down some cool quotes on the paper, choose if you want to use handwriting or if you want to use the computer.

2) make the dough: starts with the egg white, add the sugar and flour and mix vanilla.

3) put the overlong on 190°C and use baking paper. To make it easier for you you can use a baking mold for cookies. This way each cookie will be the same size.

4) The cookies should bake about five minutes, and when you take them out of the oven you should act really quick. While they are still warm take them out, add the paper with the quote, fold cookie in half, and again fold them on a cup. This way you will create the typical form of the cookie.  


5) let the cookies cool down in a cup or in a baking mold for cupcakes so they will keep the fortune cookie look.

Enjoy your cookies




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