Facebook page is born!

Welcome to my world, my blog already exist for 2 years now, and is in need of a celebration.  Starting from today a Facebook Page is born. just type in Welcome to my world, of click on the link below. You can like and share the page.  On the page you will see the same stuff as on my blog, a look in my daily life: Skateboarding, painting, drawing, tattoo life, photography, music, …

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-06 om 13.53.21

I even made a illustration design for my page 😉 I hope to get more feedback on my creative projects now I have this Facebook page. So comments and advice is always welcome! You wil see different albums, such as skateboarding photography, Urbex, street art photography, my daily sketchbook off course, … I will also have a shop with DIY projects I am working on. And last but not least, Finally I will have a webshop where you can buy my creative thins, such as drawings, clothes (prints I designed), accessories, blingbling that I found on the markets or made myself, … Just the whole package.

I still want to say one more thing: I will organize a give away!!! Free stuff for you!!! So keep your eyes open on the page 😉





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