Hippodrome Bosvoorden (racetrack)

After watching this video I really wanted to see this place is real life.
I looked arround to get to know more about it and today I visited this racetrack.
You can see the pictures in this post.
The society of Horse breeding founded this racetrack in 1875.
Some buildings, such as the main stand and the weighing station, date from this period and have kept their original charachter, despite subsequent changes.
In the 1930’s, Paul Breydel, architect of the starting tower, designed a new, ambitious plan wich was only partially completed.
Today the site houses a golf club and is no longer used for racing.
There are rumours that they will change the place in to an amusement park, and break it down. I hope they can renovate the place and bring back new life into this racetrack.








At this picture you see the contrast between the old abandoned place and the building on the back


This place is worth going there. It was a great experience.
Photography, horses and urban life, all on one place.
It is not hard to get there, you can send me a message to ask for information.
It is located in the Brussels area.

More Pictures: www.facebook.com/W2MW.welcome2myworld


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