Mural Art in the Caves of Valkenburg

There is a fascinating world to be found in Valkenburg … or in fact under Valkenburg: the municipal caves, visited by great numbers of people every year. The Romans started work on these caves around 2000 years ago when they began mining the ground for the marl that they needed as building material. You will come face to face with the primal forces of nature, the appearance of which has continually changed over time.

These natural conditions dating back into pre-history can be clearly seen thanks to the fossils and layers of shells found in the rock. The municipal caves also provide an exciting overview of various forms of artistic expression and the living conditions of countless generations of humans. You will find wall paintings and plaques, giving you a taste of the past.

You will also find the remains of what fugitive people built in the caves, which were sometimes used as a hiding place. This combination of nature and culture forms a unique story, a story that is made even more interesting by the mysterious character of the dark labyrinth of underground passages. Be sure to visit the municipal caves in Valkenburg aan de Geul if you are in Limburg.




This is normally not my style but I was impressed by this drawings. Together with a guide I’ve walked in the darnkness and listened to the all the stories he said.
He mentioned many artists are inspired, myself I saw some great design and ideas.
This one was amazing: size was arround 6m x 2m


If you are in the neighbourhood you should pass by, it’s a tour that only takes two hours off your time. Good advice: you should dress warm because I was not prepared and it was pretty cold inside.

For information:


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