eFGi @ the streets again! (experiment)

Street Art in Saint Nicolas (sint niklaas), Belgium

Since this month I discovered a new technique. I use my drawings, copy them and then draw over them again to finally come to an almost photographed result. Here you see my drawing result, the original one I found somewhere on the internet, it was a picture of a lady.

I Drew the picture in Pencils, I’ve copied it and after that I’ve drew again with a little black pen.  The last detail is that I took some colored pencils and added some details:

drawing blowing bubbleThe next thing I did is to print this on an A0 paper (http://www.kopie-express.be), and this one I could use on the streets.

My final result, experiment number 1:

in progress IMG_1025 IMG_1008More to come:

I will make the triangles smaller, put some lining in between. I will use other pictures.

A note for myself:

Create an underground layer before you start with your paint, because the wall is eating the paint, and before you know your can of spraypaint is empty! So next time, bring more paint and make a layer.


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