Rockabilly Day originated in 2001, when James Laureyns decided to organize a small meeting featuring Rockabilly music, classic cars and bikes, together with Oemtata vzw.
The basic and only idea was some kind of ‘lazy sunday afternoon’, where people could come and enjoy the sun, a beer, the bands and the cars…

Over the last 12 years, Rockabilly Day has been growing steadily (nearly 7 000 visitors last year), now featuring several (inter)national bands, a larger number of cars & bikes (some even from Sweden, Poland, Holland, Germany, France and the U.K.!), trophies, rockabilly-DJ’s, Burlesque, a big but cosy marketplace with retro clothing and articles, vinyl & CD’s…

For me it was the first time I came here and I really enjoyed it, happy I could take some pictures and I was really impressed by the people I saw.
I am not familiar with this rockabilly scene, but starting from today I am looking forward to any event like this, I saw so many interresting things I want to get to know more about it.









Off course this event has a website:

Some other interesting stuff I saw:
Want to go on a vintage roadtrip?
Want to buy some great clothes and others?
Looking forwardto Brussels Tattoo convention? I am!


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