Jimmy Durham @ Muhka Antwerp

The MuHKA will is presenting a major retrospective of the work of Jimmie Durham. This artist, born in US, settled permanently in Europe in 1994 after a turbulent period in which he alternated his artistic activities with a life as an activist for the American Native Indian movement. His work is both profound and accessible, political and personal, both ‘of the moment’ and outside of all current trends. He raises incisive questions about our existence and has had a substantial influence on several generations of artists, curators, theorists and art lovers all over the world. The M HKA is showing the most complete survey ever of his work. This exhibition looks exhaustively at his activities as an activist, essayist, poet, performance artist and sculptor and devotes plenty of attention to work from the sixties and documentary material, neither of which has ever been seen in Europe before. After the MuHKA, the show will go on to several venues in Europe and then to Mexico.



IMG_0095IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0126 IMG_0127


6 thoughts on “Jimmy Durham @ Muhka Antwerp”

      1. Yes. And I also loved to read his own comments, here and there. “I collected these pieces of glass out of Villa Borghese, in Italy”, and there you could see some colorful broken glasses! Little things that engaged you in his (re)search!

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