Lightpainting experiment

After having some interesting talks I had to try this out: Check my awesome results of my Lightpainting experiments:



At the same time we passed a bridge by the waterside, I saw this light and lines together, it was nice!
I’m happy I could take this good shot.


By moving the light source, the light can be used to selectively illuminate parts of the subject or to “paint” a picture by shining it directly into the camera lens. Light painting requires a slow shutter speed, usually a second or more. Light painting can take on the characteristics of a quick pencil sketch.


Since I find lightpainting very interesting, I started looking at the internet for more information. Here I found a link to a little movie about painting with steel wool. I really have to try this out! Looking awesome, I should just find the right location and the right moment. maybe later in wintertime when there is snow… should be awesome, if I’ve tried it, I will definitely put the results online! Check the tutorial about the steel wool:


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