Owl Sketches

So my friend said to me this week : I want to have a new tattoo, an owl on my leg.  So i started thinking and since I had time enough I started sketching some owl …

I was wondering why she wanted a owl tattoo so I looked around on the internet what the actual meaning of an owl is, looked pretty interesting to me:

The owl is most often associated as a symbol of wisdom. A traditional owl tattoo design could be worn to express a love of learning or willingness to learn new things.

Owl tattoos can be a popular choice of tattoo design. The popularity of the owl is easy to explain. With their large eyes, Owl’s have a very distinctive appearance. The forward facing eyes and noticeable ears of many owls also gives them an appearance closer to our own than that of other birds. Also, for many people, Owls epitomise wisdom and experience. Owl’s are very clever hunters and of a solitary nature. They are also winged creatures, possessing much grace – Owl’s posses the innate ability to fly almost completely silently. Owl’s hunt only at night so perhaps this nocturnal nature also appeals to some. They can also have quite spiritual significance and featured prominently in the legends of many cultures. These days many owls are endangered and could be thought of as something quite rare and precious.


From an artistic view, Owl tattoos can be visually striking, highly detailed and colourful tattoo designs. They give a talented tattoo artist a chance to really show his skill. Owl tattoo designs can also be any size, making it possible to place a Owl tattoo on any part, or area of the body. It is also possible to combine an Owl tattoo designs with others styles

More sketches in my daily sketchbook on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/W2MW.welcome2myworld 


3 thoughts on “Owl Sketches”

  1. Another symbol of importance is the anchor, which means
    that a seaman has sailed the Atlantic Ocean. I have found
    numerous sites online that offer a plethora of tattoos, tattoo designs, tribal tattoos, pictures and information.
    Back tattoos are for the most adventurous, since this is often where the largest.

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