New Tattoo @ Amsterdam

Got my new tattoo by artist Gabriel in Amsterdam (Studio Piercingworks –  I was actually pretty nervous, I thought on my chest would actually hurt, but to be honest, I did not feel anything.

The tattoo self – Chase Your Dreams – is something I did for myself and for others.

I think you need to have a dream in your life, and you have to fight to make your wish come true. Some people say you should just get up in the morning and live your daily life and only think about your future. I guess I live day by day, but I hold on to my dreams.

I already had my Hummingbird (By Tattoo Derek – so I am really happy that the 2 tattoo’s are going nice together.  I’ve left the studio with a big smile! I’m very thankful to the artist for his great work, and will meet him again for another tattoo! Even it’s in Amsterdam (a 2 hour drive for me).




A small video on youtube about the artist:


5 thoughts on “New Tattoo @ Amsterdam”

  1. I really love your new tattoo, it’s been beautifully done – especially the little bird design. I had an angel on my right arm a week ago and am now going through the itchy stage. I think that’s worse than the actuall tattooing.

    Really like you blog by the way.

    1. Thanks, I allready had the bird for 1 month, but the text en design together fits perfectally 😉 yes you are right, the itchy part is worse. Thanks for the compliments about my blog!

    1. Thanks al lot.
      The hummingbird is in memory of someone very special for me. Hummingbirds mean Hope, and also they are symbol of appreciating each moment and taking note of everything that is around you. So these 2 messages also are a nice combination, right on my chest 🙂

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