a Walk through Ghent city

I was back in Ghent, it took me some time to come here again, but the moment I arrived, I felt home again.

I’ve missed this city … I’ve lived here for some time, and still the city feels like home.

Coincidentally I walked towards the train station, and I saw some cranes are on the side of the water. I thought, I have my camera with me, let me take some pictures of it. When I came closer to the water, I was amazed by what I saw. Small white houses without roofs, beautiful artwork on the walls, this had to be photographed.
Afterwards I walked further and again got my eyes open. I saw some trucks driving through a large gate. Of course I was curious and looked through the door. I saw some beautiful buildings and they were just breaking them down. Before they disappear forever, I have them anyway immortalized on paper.


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13 thoughts on “a Walk through Ghent city”

  1. This is what gets me about street art. It’s so temporary. We have paintings in museums that have outlived their creators, but something spray painted on a wall may only last a few hours before it is destroyed. Both art, both beautiful, but I identify more with the graffiti than the hundred-year-old painting, because I know I won’t last that long.

  2. Hey femke, leuke foto’s. Heb jij misschien nog wat tips voor locaties in gent? Ik woon zelf ook in gent en ga geregeld op uitstap met mijn camera. Maar tegenwoordig zijn de leuke plaatsjes wat moeilijker te vinden..

    1. Hej, Thx voor de complimenten.
      In Gent zowizo aan de haven, ook een leuke locatie is aan de sporen achter de Sint bernadettestraat, Gent dampoort, het Rabot! Zeker nu die blokken aan het verdwijnen zijn, aan de dokken naast dampoort, aan de kaai (achter Guislain) zijn er ook enkele toffe gebouwen die leegstaan, het miat (wel inkom betalen maar zeker de moeite), … Gent is eigenlijk een hele tof stad met veel locaties, en als je wat meer natuur wil kan je richting Gavere opgaan daar heb je natuurgebieden aan het water, prachtig gewoon, veel succes!

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