The story about my new tattoo – Smile

So here is the idea: If you did not notice yet, I love taking pictures … Since I have my camera always with me, and I always want the people to be exited about helping me out with my photo’s I wanted this new tattoo:

I did not had to think about it long time, I just wanted it:

Smile to the camera.  Funny actually, I have it now for 1 week and did not think about it how it would show in my normal daily life. People at work start laughing automatically, when I am working on the computer people can just see it on my finger and they are telling me it’s an original one.  Also last week I had two friends making arguments about stupid things, I just rise my finger and laugh. Both of them started laughing with me and the argument stopped. So Even I did not intent to put it there for that reason, I realize this tattoo is gonna help me with lot’s of other things in my life.

To make it complete with my new iPhone I bought this new cover in Amsterdam last week: Look, now even I don’t have my Nikon with me, I still look like a photographer! What can I say … Smile


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