Dour Festival!

Dour Festival 2012 – Something to remember!

I really enjoyed this festival, The only sad thing was the weather, raining raining raining. The first day everything was still green and dry, no mud. But the second day already thousands of people passing and all the fields became brown and messy. I’ve lost my shoes several times. But that did not bother me, I was having a great time with such a good line up! Great artists, great music! Just had a great festival!

What should I take with me in order to have the best festival ever?

Here’s a list of tips for things to bring if you want to spend the festival of your life. The Belgian weather being as unperdictable as it is, these are the things to bring to deal with any conditions:

  • Raincoat and wellies!
  • Suncream and sunglasses (a must-have accessory anyway). to avoid sunstroke drink lots of water and keep well covered.
  • Bring enough money for food and drink. You dont’t want to have loads of cash on you so think about bringing a card. There are cash machines and food stands on site.
  • If you’re camping don’t forget something to sleep in and on! A toothbrush and showergel are useful to freshen up during your stay!
  • Ear plugs are useful for a peaceful night’s rest.
  • A small bag/bumbag is useful for your valuabes so you can carry them around with you. Thefts, unfortunately, do happen at big events like these
  • Bring some Drinks for on the camping, something to smoke and some music, after everything is finished you can still have your own afterparty at your tent with friends or people who you meet right there.















I remember when I arrived at the festival there was a guy with a guitar at the entrance. He was trying to get inside for free, he said he was one of the artist but he could’t say from which group. I’ve tried to help him to get him inside, but the organization did not wanted to help him. At the end of the festival i saw him again, I must say, I think he had a great time: You can judge yourself, but I guess the guy will remember Dour Festival 2012













Here you can find a complete line up:



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