Doel – The abandoned city

The Village of Doel in Belgium has been around for centuries. But back in the late 1990′s a decision was made to clear the town to make way for new expansion plans for the port of Antwerp. Because of the new construction, the law states there must be land set aside for nature to offset the newly-built areas. In this instance the government chose the Village of Doel for expropriation.

As most residents left  – many of them unwillingly –  squatters came in for a short time. Artists also traveled to this village to use it as a canvas for their work. Many left their mark on the village in the form of graffiti. Some of the abandoned buildings have become a surprise art installation, with imaginatively weird subject matter.

(Text source : weird fiction review)

Here are some pictures of my visit at Doel:







6 thoughts on “Doel – The abandoned city”

  1. Getting inspired by your blog, this morning! I did not know about Doel (it’s not too long time that I live here in Flanders). But definitively I will take a tour there. Is it open to the public?

    1. Yes it’s an amazing place if you like photography, it is public because some people still live there. It is just a village, sometimes you can catch up with some local people in the bar and listen to there stories, very interesting and sad too. If you are arround antwerp, just pass there, you will not believe what you see.

  2. Hi! Just to tell you: I have been to Doel, today, following your advice and inspiration. I loved the place, and I took so many pictures! Thank you for the idea!

    1. I’m happy that my post was an inspiration for you, Told you that the place is very special, curious for your pictures actulally

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