Skatecontest Kapermolenpark

Thursday 17 May, Kapermolenpark at Hasselt. 6000 Visitors, sun was shining, 125 contestants: Skateboarders, Lot’s of good music, everybody had a good time. I must say, it was a big succes!  Here are the results:

Onze KPM-winners:

Street Sponsord:
1/ Youness Amrani)
2/ Ronan Pappaert
3/ Steve Achten

Street Non Sponsord -15j:
1/ Sean Puype
2/ Roeland Hendrickx
3/  Bjarne Biesmans

Street Non Sponsord +15j:
1/ Simon Deprez

2/ Jonathan Vlerickx
3/ Trevor Cappon

1/ Maarten Van De Bossche
2/ Gilles Lizin
3/ Tim Jacobs
Best Girl: Maité Steenhoudt

Best Tricks:
1/ Youness Amrani
2/ Koenraad Helsen
3/ Kristof Vanderstraeten

For more information you can check their website:


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